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40 Under 40 Edition


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Kelly Snodgrass, 38

JPAR Real Estate & Snodgrass Real Estate Group, Broker of Record, JPAR; Team Lead, Snodgrass

Kelly Snodgrass leads in such a way that is not selfish, intent on teaching her agents the whole business so that one day they can go off on their own and have the successful business she coached them to build.

“She does the work of about five people right now while raising four kids and she makes it look easy because being an entrepreneur/real estate broker is just what she was made to do,” said nominator Tony  Snodgrass of JP & Associates Realtors and her husband.

“This is a lonely, shark-eat-shark business, and Kelly treats it like we’re all in it together and she is always willing to give away her wealth of knowledge to help pump you up,” he said.

He said she has built an amazing business from scratch following principles not often seen in real estate anymore: The more you serve others first, the more you will grow and succeed.

She individually coaches several agents each week and helps make them successful.

“Since all of these agents have different values, skills and levels of commitment, I think it speaks to her creativity to move the puzzle piece around to fit each person. She always says her psychology degree comes in handy,” Tony  Snodgrass said.

– Paul K. Harral

Where did your first paycheck come from?

Old Navy when it was a brand new store and brand.

What other profession would you like to try?

Mental health therapist.

Tell us about an influential person in your life, how they influenced you and why he or she was important.

My husband, Tony. I would not be the woman I am right now without his love and presence. He has always lifted me up, told me I was enough, helped me defeat my negative self-talk, always made me feel like I could be better and I could reach all of my goals and dreams. I have no doubt it is his love, patience and positive affirmations that helped me hit the level of success that I have in the last 10 years. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to be the broker of 2,200 agents if it wasn’t for him always telling me there was no one better than me for the job.

When did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up?

I thought I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up from the time I was 17 until I was 29. I was going to school to become a licensed mental health therapist and was very burnt out. It was my husband that suggested I get my real estate license while I was taking a break from school. I thought I would practice real estate until I was ready to go back to school, but then I fell in love with real estate and the impact I could have on other people’s lives. I was committed to helping people reach their goals and change their lives.

What is your favorite song?

Way Maker, Leeland

Tell us about your photo shoot prop.

My MacBook, a large wooden Snodgrass Real Estate Group key to congratulate my clients at closings, and an “I am a child of God” sign. The key reminds me daily that I am able to help people change their lives through buying and selling real estate. I can always be found with a MacBook on hand, so that I can serve my clients no matter where I am, and most importantly “I am a child of God!” All of my successes, my amazing kids, my husband, my family and friends comes from Him!


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