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40 Under 40 Edition


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Todd Christopher Williams, 36

Charles R. Green & Associates Inc., Director of Communications

Todd Williams is someone who gets just as much joy from helping others succeed as he gets from succeeding himself. This extends into his work, philanthropic, and personal life. From helping clients make the best financial choices for their future to mentoring younger advisors, he is consistently looking for ways to better the Fort Worth community, said nominator Charles  Green of Charles R. Green & Associates Inc.

“His involvement with organizations such as CREW with Safe Haven and the Fort Worth Stock Show Syndicate highlight his ability to set aside time for what really matters, building connections and raising funds for causes that positively impact our city and the people who live here,” Green said. “Todd has only been a resident of Fort Worth for two and a half years, and I can’t wait to see what else he is going to tackle with such a bright future ahead.”

Williams also is involved with First Tee of Fort Worth.

“Entrepreneurship comes down to always thinking like a business owner. Our business is ever-changing, especially with the COVID pandemic,” Green said. “Having things in place beforehand, Todd was able to quickly adapt and help run a smooth operation.

“Utilizing programs such as Zoom he was able to give clients the face time and attention they demand, without missing a beat. Providing peace of mind and comprehensive wealth management services through digital means was just one way he stepped up during this time,” said Green.

Green says that Willaims has helped Charles R. Green & Associates Inc. achieve the No. 1 top producer status within SagePoint Financial (Affiliated Broker Dealer) for a single advisor office for the past two-plus years.

– Paul K. Harral

Where did your first paycheck come from?

Courtesy Clerk @ Market Basket.

What movie, TV series, play or video game influenced you growing up?

A League of Their Own. Jimmy Dugan’s speech to Dottie gives me chills every time I hear/read it. It has resonated with me throughout my professional career and the various challenges/changes that I have faced as I have navigated through life.

Favorite Jimmy Dugan Quote: “… It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard … is what makes it great.”

What other profession would you like to try?

Teacher/Coach, My mother taught elementary for over 30 years. She is by nature an includer which I am as well. Being able to help young kids develop the core principles to succeed in life would be extremely rewarding. We need positive role models today, more than ever.

Tell us about an influential person in your life, how they influenced you and why he or she was important.

My dad. He taught me the core life values I carry today. Family, hard work, honesty, discipline, respect, and he also taught me choose a path you will enjoy and have fun along the way. Even when he worked turnarounds at Exxon, he always made sure to support me and my brother by attending all our various sporting events, all the way through high school. I do not ever remember him missing a game. He and my mom were always there supporting me and my brother.

When did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up?

In high school, I realized I wanted to be in financial services. I was always liked math and loved meeting new people and building new relationships. I combined the two things I have enjoyed doing and I was passionate about and landed on financial planner.

What is your favorite song?

Hotel California, The Eagles

Tell us about your photo shoot prop.

A 7 iron golf club and two personal letters to me from one of my favorite teachers and the other from my favorite and toughest coach growing up. These letters helped provide me with self-confidence at a crucial time in my life.


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