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Banking I Was Told There Would Be No Math: 3 Ways You Use...

I Was Told There Would Be No Math: 3 Ways You Use Math Daily

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(StatePoint) You may have thought that after graduating from school, you’d never have to think about math again. However, the truth is that math is a central part of everyday life – from baking cakes to drawing up a budget.

Here are three ways you are already using math, as well as quick solutions for making these tasks a bit easier.

In the Kitchen

Working in the kitchen often requires precision, and getting measurements and times just-so really does matter. If you love experimenting with new recipes from around the world, you may often find yourself needing to convert measurements in a pinch. Weighted measurements are much better than volume measurements when it comes to accuracy.  For a foolproof, quick method for measuring ingredients, use a digital scale that features both English and metric measurements.

In Your Home or Office

Maintaining your household budget or work accounts requires some mathematical attention to detail. A printing calculator can help you track your work and better manage your financial records. The compact options from Casio are good for quick budgeting use at home. For example, the HR-170RC features two-color printing at two lines per second, quick correction of mis-entries, currency exchange calculations and a reprint function.

At the Gym

You’ve likely heard that there’s a target heart rate you should be aiming for, depending on your fitness goals. While this does require some mathematical comprehension, it no longer needs to require the quick calculations it once did in the days of taking one’s pulse during a break or cooldown. Use a fitness monitor to get a quicker read on your heart rate, so you will know in real-time whether to ramp up or scale back your effort. Likewise, this can be an easy way to learn the approximate number of calories burned during any given sweat session.

Math is all around us. Thankfully, there are new digital tools and strategies available to help you manage your daily tasks with ease.


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