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Le Spa Fit: Bootstrap business grows, blends alternative practices


Le Spa Fit

4209 Colleyville Blvd., Colleyville



“The wealth of life is well-being.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita, author of “Think Great”

What is the American Dream? That question could have a variety of answers, but it’s not uncommon for people to equate the American Dream with business ownership and the hard work it takes to get there, often including a “pull oneself up by the bootstraps” mentality.

By that definition, 33-year-old Daizha Petersma is living the American Dream.

Petersma is the co-owner of the Colleyville-based wellness center Le Spa Fit, and she runs the business with her husband, 45-year-old Kelly Wood.

Petersma, a licensed esthetician and laser professional, and Wood, a licensed massage therapist, had been working at various spas and wellness establishments before embarking on the path to becoming business owners themselves.

“We decided to go in together and do this kind of joint venture,” Petersma said. “We just kind of decided to branch out on our own and start small and create what we wanted.”

When the pair initially brought their idea to the bank to ask for funding, things didn’t quite go as hoped.

“Banks didn’t really look at me, they looked at me and laughed,” Petersma said.

With large loans out of the question, Petersma knew they had to start small. So, Le Spa Fit debuted in 2012 in a small room in an office complex they shared with an attorney. They chose the location to be close enough that Petersma could commute between the studio and a nearby steakhouse where she worked as a waitress.

“For the first two years I worked other jobs as well, so I had [Wood] maintain it [the business], and I had some night jobs. It was completely self-funded by sweat and tears,” Petersma said, adding that as she worked with Groupon to offer specials and get exposure, it actually helped to fund Le Spa Fit as well.

What started in 2012 as just one room for Petersma and Wood to share expanded to a room each, and eventually the pair expanded to the entire suite. The business ultimately grew enough that they could move to their location at 4209 Colleyville Blvd. in May 2016.

“As we continued we kept acquiring more equipment and expanding to more rooms and services,” Petersma said. “Now we’re at this facility, which is a little over 2,000 square feet, and we just kind of combined the health and beauty and fitness aspect of it.”

At Le Spa Fit, patrons will find a blend of Western and Eastern practices. Fitness classes include aerial yoga, buti yoga, vibration fitness and personal training, most often taught by Petersma. Wood’s services include massage and Tibetan sound bowl, cupping and adjunct therapies.

Finally, aesthetic services, completed by Petersma, include a cosmetic laser, which can be used for lip, nail, mole/acne, spider vein, tattoo, psoriasis, wart and rosacea treatments; and the lipo laser, which is used for laser body contouring.

“My first loan was to get the [lipo] laser this last few months. That was a big accomplishment,” she said. “I’m finally stepping up into the world where they actually gave me a loan.”

Before the loan, Petersma had to rent a laser to use one weekend each month. Now that she owners her equipment, she says she can’t wait to expand this aspect of her business.

Le Spa Fit’s body contouring is done with a non-invasive, cold laser-based, spot fat reduction and body contouring system.

“It’s not just some miracle wand that just disintegrates the fat in you,” Petersma said. “This is an awesome tool to incorporate with a healthy diet and exercise program to really maximize results.”

She considers the tool “more of a detoxification device” because it causes fat cells to open and expel everything stored within including fats, toxins and triglycerides. After everything is released, it can be burned off through exercise.

“It’s allowing you to burn off stored fat naturally,” Petersma said.

She cautions that this method has the potential to increase one’s measurements if, after the laser treatment, the client doesn’t do something to convert the released fats and other substances into energy. But, she says, “The more you put with it the better results you can get.”

Petersma says that Le Spa Fit’s role is to offer clients an alternative aspect of health and wellness. While she says some people can be a little wary of her methods, “Everything that we have here is something that we ourselves truly believe in.

“It’s our lifestyle that we’re sharing with others, not just gimmicky fads,” she said. “It’s tested and true on ourselves and family.”

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