Outsourcing human resources

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The human capital strategy landscape facing small business owners has become increasingly complicated with regulations and administrative tasks that detract from growing the business.

“It’s nearly impossible for a small business owner that has 10 to 15 employees to keep up with the regulations today,” Misty Norton, business performance adviser for the $2.2 billion-a-year Houston-based Insperity human capital management firm, which offers a broad suite of HR services to small companies, said.

Insperity provides comphrehensive HR solutions for small employers, freeing them to focus on growing their businesses. Norton and Tom Schnell, a fellow Insperity adviser in North Texas, sat down for a Q&A with The Business Press.

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What’s the appeal of the service to the small business owner?

Schnell: Business owners dream of being business owners, but they don’t dream of being employers. We free them up to focus on revenue or finding cost efficiencies in operations.

How does the conversation usually start?

Schnell: Usually, they call us when their insurance premiums are getting high. That’s how the conversation starts, but there’s so much more to HR or people strategies. We meet with the business owner and ask where they want to be five years from now. We help them plan their route.

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How many employees does your typical client have?

Schnell: Five employees and up for core package. Eighteen to 22 is the average.

How does the compliance side work?

Norton: We have an entire team that handles compliance. We become the employer of record as it relates to the employees. We assume risk. We take on liability.

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You like to say Insperity is not a good match for employers that are merely looking for ways to cut costs.

Norton: Our culture has to be matched to the business owner that w’ere talking to. They have to genuinely care about their people.

How to contact Insperity:

Misty Norton: misty.norton@insperity.com

Tom Schnell: tom.schnell@insperity.com