Troubled RadioShack files SEC form, talks with ‘major vendor’

A. Lee Graham


RadioShack Corp.’s latest filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission describes recent discussions that “could be beneficial to the financial restructuring of the company.”

Filed on Monday Sept. 22, a portion of the Fort Worth-based firm’s Form 8-K states the following: “The company and certain of its largest creditors have had discussions with a major vendor concerning potential modifications to the commercial relationship that could be beneficial to a financial restructuring of the company. These discussions did not result in a change to the commercial relationship at this time but are continuing.

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“The company continues to explore how to optimize its various commercial relationships in light of alternative restructuring scenarios, and may involve lenders, bondholders, shareholders, lease counterparties and other stakeholders in these discussions at any time. There can be no assurances that any such discussions will result in modifications to the company’s commercial arrangements.”

The particular type of form – 8-K – is commonly used to notify investors of events considered of interest to shareholders or the SEC.

RadioShack stock shares on the morning of Monday Sept. 22 opened at $0.96 before falling to $0.91 by 7 a.m.