Whitley Penn announces firm promotions

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Whitley Penn is pleased to announce the following firm promotions effective July 1, 2021:

Audit Promotions

Jackson Jones – Senior Manager, Fort Worth

Katelyn Woods – Senior Manager, Fort Worth

Caitlin Brennan – Manager, Fort Worth

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Michael English – Manager, Dallas

Chris Eissenstat – Manager, Houston

Chelsea Hastings – Manager, Fort Worth

Will Innes – Manager, Plano

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Kelley Johnson – Manager, Dallas

Andrew Muirhead – Manager, Plano

Marshall Norment – Manager, Dallas

Ben Pearson – Manager, Houston

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John Pousson – Manager, Austin

Nathaniel Taylor – Manager, Houston

Melissa Carrasco – Senior Associate, Odessa

Jicela Cervantes – Senior Associate, Dallas

Collin Denson – Senior Associate, Dallas

Dylan Hodge – Senior Associate, Dallas

Richard Floyd – Senior Associate, Dallas

Haleigh Ivy – Senior Associate, Dallas

Sara Jackson – Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Nick Lafuente – Senior Associate, Plano

Caroline Limanek – Senior Associate, Austin

Scout McCullough – Senior Associate, Dallas

Evan Nielsen – Senior Associate, Dallas

Matthew Riggs – Senior Associate, Dallas

Grant Rush – Senior Associate, Houston

Wesley Sims – Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Alex Tapia – Senior Associate, Dallas

Darryl Vaz -Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Luis Vega-Juarez – Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Blake Williams – Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Gage Williamson – Senior Associate, Plano

Tax Promotions:

Jeremiah Betz – Senior Manager, Midland

Claire Early – Senior Manager, Plano

Brittany Flemming – Senior Manager, Hobbs

Josh Graham – Senior Manager, Plano

Nick Ketcherside – Senior Manager, Midland

Vivian Le – Senior Manager, Dallas

Regina Rennhack – Senior Manager, Fort Worth

Dana Schafer – Senior Manager, Plano

Whitney Ford – Manager, Fort Worth

Taylor Branum – Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Cordell Clark – Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Ruben Gomez – Senior Associate, Houston

Jonathan Groff – Senior Associate, Houston

Dan Hibbs – Senior Associate, Dallas

Haley Howell – Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Ben Hughes – Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Brittney Kirkland – Senior Associate, Plano

Denise Lopez – Senior Associate, Dallas

Kristen Lu – Senior Associate, Houston

Natalia McDonald – Senior Associate, Austin

Melissa Morales – Senior Associate, Midland

Cameron Pollard – Senior Associate, Austin

Na Wu – Senior Associate, Midland

Risk Advisory Services Promotions

Victoria Adams – Senior Associate, Dallas

Forensic Litigation & Valuation Services Promotions

Peaches Wade – Director, Austin

Claire Allshouse – Senior Associate, Houston

Jared Archer – Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Colton Gilliam – Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Carly Joutraw – Senior Associate, Houston

WPWealth Promotions

Matt Magee – Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Brandon Russ – Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Accounting & Finance Promotions

Peter Garrison – Accounting & Finance Analyst, Fort Worth

Stacy Potts – Accounting & Finance Analyst, Fort Worth

Administrative Promotions

Dena Perry – Office Manager / Administrative Assistant, Houston

People Group Promotions

Jessica Sabedra – Senior Benefits Associate, Fort Worth

WP Edge Promotions

Sheri Hanner – Senior Manager, Fort Worth

Suzanne McCoskey – Senior Manager, Plano

Morgan Summers – Manager, Fort Worth

Angie Friedman – Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Candy Luker – Senior Associate, Hobbs

Public Sector Promotions

Lian Carandang – Senior Associate, Houston

Kevin Green – Senior Associate, Houston

Cynthia Guerra – Senior Associate, Houston

Gustavo Guzman – Senior Associate, Houston

Jade O’Martin – Senior Associate, Fort Worth

Ariel Zhang – Senior Associate, Dallas

Oil & Gas Promotions

Gary Liu – Managing Director, Houston

Amy Mann – Managing Director, Houston

Jeff Howard – Controller, Dallas

Anthony DeBellis – Assistant Controller, Austin

John Morgan – Assistant Controller, Houston