12 Days of Christmas costs hold steady

12 Days of Christmas

The “12 Days of Christmas” doesn’t sound — or cost — much different than it did last year. That’s according to The PNC Financial Services Group, which each year calculates the cost of the items in the classic holiday song. PNC found that the cost to buy all the items would set someone back $38,993.59, which is $67.56 — or 0.2% — more than last year. Amanda Agati, chief investment strategist for PNC Asset Management Group, said that the “scrooges of the season” are the gold rings,

which represented the biggest year-over-year price increase in the index. After falling last year due to weaker demand and fluctuations in gold prices, the cost for the gold rings rose 10% this year. But the cost of turtle doves aptly dove 20%, marking the largest decline of the list. PNC also noted that if someone were to shop online for all these goods, their total cost would be higher at $42,258.91, a more than $3,000 increase over in-store purchases due to shipping and travel costs.