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800-pound alligator found at Houston-area shopping center

SUGAR LAND, Texas (AP) — An alligator dubbed “Godzilla” and tipping the scales at more than 800 pounds is being taken to a gator reserve to live out its days, after being found wandering outside a Houston-area shopping center.

Godzilla was discovered Saturday by people arriving for work at the center in Sugar Land. It’s believed he wandered over to the plaza from a nearby creek.

Christy Kroboth, licensed by the state as a “nuisance alligator trapper,” was called to help subdue Godzilla and cart him away.

She says once he was muzzled and restrained, a forklift was borrowed from Home Depot to load him onto a truck.

Kroboth says Godzilla is blind in one eye, and has only partial sight in the other. He will be released Monday at the reserve for his safety.

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