BKD Big Data & Analytics to become a firmwide practice unit

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Effective June 1, BKD Big Data & Analytics (BDA) will move from a team within BKD’s Forensics & Valuation Services (FVS) division to become its own national practice unit and will be rebranded as BKD Analytics, the company announced.

While BKD Analytics will continue working closely with FVS on fraud investigations and support its data analytics needs, the group also will work with various industry leaders to create new data products and bring those products to market.
BKD Analytics will build on already successful products like BKDpulse for community health centers and Program Economic Analysis for higher education. In addition, BKD Analytics will work with BKD EDGE⁠ – an initiative dedicated to innovation⁠ – to support firmwide efforts to develop new services.
The company said these teams are building advanced data analytics products for deployment to clients.

“We recognize that pockets of data analytics expertise have developed at the local office level over the years, and we’re excited to merge those talented resources with our BKD Analytics team to create an even stronger and deeper pool of data analytics leaders. We plan to leverage the talents of these new team members across the firm to bring new and existing products to clients firmwide,” CEO Ted Dickman said.
Director Mark Solomon will serve as the interim practice unit leader for BKD Analytics.
“Every day we see a growing need to deliver meaningful and actionable data analytics to fulfill the trusted advisor role for our clients,” Solomon said.

This strategic investment was made possible with the guidance and expertise of Partner Bryan Callahan, who led the BDA group for the past three years.
“The demand for data analytics is only going to increase. While the hub of data analytics has been in FVS since the mid-2000s, the time is now to create a firmwide center of excellence,” said Callahan. “This will help position the firm to meet the upcoming demand for data-centric solutions and provide firm industry leaders with a reliable resource in taking these services to market.”
BKD, which has an office in Fort Worth, employees about 2,900 dedicated professionals working with clients in all 50 states and internationally.