Child Care Associates commissions 2021 post-winter storm assessment

Child care businesses and facilities across Tarrant County have been critically impacted by the most recent winter storm, including some of Child Care Associates’ local operations.

As a convener and supporter of child care businesses in the county, Child Care Associates (CCA) released a countywide survey to all licensed child care programs with 730 Texas child care businesses responding to the survey.

To support those child care programs adversely impacted by the storm, CCA has also created a Recovery & Resiliency Fund, the organization said in a news release.

“What a devastating time for child care programs on top of the business challenges already being faced as a result of COVID-19,” said CCA CEO Kara Waddell. “Child care businesses are not as well-equipped as schools to recover from such destruction including understanding insurances, finding alternative sites and a host of other critical issues.  Our goal with the CCA Recovery & Resiliency Fund is to support and guide impacted child care businesses challenges after COVID as well as the winter storm. Our working families and economy depend on child care to be back up and running as soon as possible.”

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Child Care Associates Recovery & Resiliency Fund includes such supports as:

  • Assisting child care businesses in assessing facility and property damage
  • Offsetting deductibles for businesses with insurance
  • Replacing damaged classroom materials and furniture
  • Educating business owners on how to tap into FEMA and SBA support programs
  • Setting up temporary classrooms with educational supplies, materials and furnishings
  • Coaching child care businesses one-on-one towards resiliency in the COVID-19 era

Winter Storm Damage Assessment

The post-storm survey had 730 Tarrant County child care businesses respond.  Of that, 105 local businesses indicated facility damage at an 8, 9 or 10 level with 10 being devastating; 46 (6 percent) indicated the storm’s impact requires a relocation to a new building so repairs could be made to their facilities over the next three-to-six months or longer.

Key Assessment Take-Aways (Total responses – 730 (of 1,100+):

Has your operation been affected by Winter Storm Uri?

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Yes – 329 providers (45%)
No – 343 providers (47%)

Is damage great enough to consider relocation?

Yes – 46 providers (6%)
No – 486 providers (67%)

Not yet determined/Unsure – 198 providers (27%)

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On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the impact of the storm on your business?

105 programs indicated an 8, 9 or 10 damage level, with 10 being devastation

8-9 Rating – 65 providers  (9%)
10 Rating (total devastation) – 37 (5%)

Do you have property Insurance that will help offset the damage?

Yes – 50%
No – 50%

Do you have Business Interruption insurance?

Yes –  10%
No – 90%