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Chuck Norris providing premium water to hurricane victims

To help aid the communities ravaged by Hurricane Harvey, Chuck and Gena Norris donated 4,000 gallons of their bottled premium artesian water, CForce, to The Salvation Army.

“As people are looking for clean water in this situation, we are proud to partner with The Salvation Army to bring CForce premium artesian water to those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey,” said Gena Norris, owner and CEO of CForce Bottling Company. “We feel very fortunate to be able to provide fresh, clean water during this time of crisis, thanks to our partnership with The Salvation Army.”

In addition to the donation to The Salvation Army, Gena and Chuck Norris have supplied over 600,000 bottles of their premium artesian water, CForce, directly to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. CForce has supplied FEMA, National Guard, local emergency management services, the U.S. Task Force, utility crews such as Entergy and numerous local businesses, on top of continually supplying H-E-B’s relief efforts throughout the state of Texas.

CForce premium artesian water is bottled at the source on the Norris family ranch in Navasota. Dating back more than 23,000 years, the artesian water naturally surfaces through ancient volcanic rock and flows into a deep, sustainable aquifer. CForce premium artesian water flows directly from its natural source to the bottling facility through an engineered delivery system, so that it’s not touched by man until opened.

CForce Bottling Company, a certified woman-owned business, was founded in 2015 by Gena and Chuck Norris. While looking for a new well site, the Norris family discovered the pristine water source on their Lone Wolf Ranch in Navasota.

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