Combining art and commerce, Fort Worth man finds (and brings) joy with balloon business

Mauricio Ramon (Photo courtesy Today's Balloons)

Sometimes life’s most challenging situations lead to the most rewarding opportunities. Mauricio Ramon of Fort Worth, owner of Today’s Balloons, can testify to this.

A decade ago, as he was just entering adulthood, Ramon was bedridden for several weeks with a ruptured appendix. Limited in what he could do from his bed, a child’s toy led him to the opportunity of his lifetime.

“I discovered the art of balloon making by accident,” he said. “I was bored out of my mind and my mother was working at the time for a balloon distributor company and brought me a bag of balloons home to play around with. Once I got through my first bag of balloons – voila! My inner creativity came out and my career as a balloon artist was born. I have been doing balloons full time ever since.”

Now 31 years old, Ramon has become a staple at a plethora of events with his talent, following in the footsteps of his mother, also a balloon artist. If you can imagine it he can make it – from balloon sculptures to a variety of bouquets and arrangements and much more.

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In fact, he even once created a 16-foot-tall Statue of Liberty out of balloons. And yes, a few balloons popped, but that is just part of the job, he said, noting that pretty much every great creation has something in common: the need to take your time.

“It took me 14 hours and I did it completely by myself,” he said. “Just like everything else, patience is key.”

“He’s been a part of every one of our birthday celebrations for our children – and never once has a child asked for something that he was unable to create,” said customer Tara Warren. “At our daughter’s fifth birthday in March, even the adults wanted the beautiful flowers he had made. Our daughter still talks about the unicorn balloon he made for her at our son’s birthday party in July

“Mauricio’s passion for his art and his genuine joy are as much of the experience as the balloons themselves,” Tara continued. “It’s not a Warren family party if Mauricio isn’t there.”

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Originally from Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico, Ramon has lived in Fort Worth since he was 4 years old. Before balloons, his artistic pursuit was music; he grew up playing the trumpet.

But now balloons are his passion.

“Creating something out of latex and air and making an impact on a person as they receive my creation is heartfelt,” he said.

“If anyone had a real passion for what they do, it’s Mauricio,” said Linda Flotte, an admirer of his work – and a customer. “The work he does is out of this world, and anyone who has hired him for an event has had nothing but outstanding reviews on his talent and work ethic. They truly cherish him for his art and talent.”

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Longtime customer and friend Aaron Davis said Ramon is special for more than his talent, however.

“Mauricio is very talented at his craft and has put countless hours into learning new techniques to stand out. I don’t think his talent alone is what sets him apart,” Davis began. “I have known Mauricio since high school. Mauricio has always had the innate ability to put a smile on others’ faces. That is the key to his success and at its core the reason he has positively impacted so many lives.”

As for where Ramon finds inspiration, he said it comes simply from life and the desire to bring a smile to the faces of others.

“I make anything from people to animals, as well as fictional characters, and I even sometimes make up my own characters and translate that into balloon art,” he said. “My intention is to bring joy and laughter, as well as an experience to people that they have never seen before.”