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Create classic Croissants from scratch

Date: Saturday (9/23)

Time: 9 a.m. – noon

Place: Sur La Table

Cost: $69


This Saturday Sur La Table is hosting one of its KitchenAid partner classes to teach students how to prepare classic croissants from scratch. The $69 class will run from 9 a.m. to noon.

The menu will be as follows:

— Croissant Dough

— Classic Croissant

— Parisian Ham and Cheese Croissants

— and Morning Buns, which is a Croissant dough rolled with cinnamon and sugar

“Learn the surprisingly simple techniques for making the quintessential French treat,” the website reads. “Our instructor will walk you through all the steps—from mixing the dough and preparing the butter block to the turning and folding process.”

Sur La Table says its partnership with KitchenAid will create a new series of classes to assist students in cooking with both creativity and confidence.

As with all of their classes, this class is for those 18 and older. This special class will run for 3 hours. Students will work in groups of four, within classes of 16. Students will also receive a 10 percent off coupon the day of class.


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