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Dalworth Restoration kicks off ‘Restoring Kindness’ campaign

Dalworth Restoration, a Dallas-Fort Worth area-based restoration company, will be holding a “Restoring Kindness” campaign throughout the month of July for the second year.

Akin to other programs such as “Random Acts of Kindness” and “Pay it Forward,” this campaign asks residents of the Dallas Fort Worth area to perform random acts of kindness. The news release has said that the recipient of each act of kindness from Dalworth will get a card with the hashtag #RestoringKindness.

“All during this entire month, we are asking everyone to restore kindness to others in ways both large and small,” says Dalworth Restoration’s chief information officer, Josh Hobbs, in a news release. “This can be as small as opening the door, giving a smile or a compliment to someone you would normally just walk past, being courteous instead of ignoring others on the elevator, or it could include buying somebody’s cup of coffee, meal or tank of gas.”

Dalworth Restoration started this year’s campaign by restoring a red, white and blue themed 9/11 mural, which the press release says is considered an Arlington landmark, on a retaining wall at an Arlington residence.

“We’re putting a fresh face on this American-themed design just in time for the Fourth of July,” said Hobbs in a press release.

The press release says that Dalworth volunteers will also perform a variety of other acts of kindness such as:

– Visiting animal shelters

– Delivering snacks to assisted living centers

– Offering bottled waters to strangers

– Giving coloring books to children’s hospitals

– Delivering treats to police and fire stations

Not only was Dalworth Restoration ready for the 4th of July, but it was also in time for the mayor of Arlington’s announcement.

Fox 4 News reports that Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams has asked the citizens to do 400,000 random acts of kindness which can be reported on the city app “Ask Arlington.” For more information about the app and the initiative click here

Beyond the City of Arlington, both Dalworth Restoration and the founder of “Restoring Kindness” have worked to launch the campaign nationally.

The Restoring Kindness website says that the movement was started by A&J Specialty Services, Inc. DKI, in Madison, Wisconsin and is aimed at businesses and individuals. Hobbs and the founder of Restoring Kindness had over 50 companies from the U.S., Australia and Canada join the movement after introducing the concept at an April 7 Disaster Kleanup International convention in Palm Springs said a press release.

For more information about “Restoring Kindness” go to (Link to Facebook video about the restoration.)

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