ECI announces acquisition to serve smaller builders and remodelers

Ron Books

Fort Worth-based ECI Software Solutions announced May 11 that it has acquired BuildTools, a web-based construction management platform for custom builders and remodelers.
ECI has made more than 20 acquisitions in the last decade, eight of which occurred in the last two years.

With this acquisition, ECI will reach a new customer market – smaller custom builders and home remodelers – by helping them meet their unique requirements surrounding project management, scheduling, document storage and budget tracking, customer service and management capabilities, the company said in the announcement.

ECI Software Solutions is a cloud-based business management solutions company.
BuildTools will become part of ECI’s Residential Home Construction Group, and the team will report to ECI’s Residential Home Construction Group president, Scott Duman.
Developed by a custom home builder frustrated with the solutions previously available on the market, the BuildTools platform is a business management system that meets the unique requirements of small volume custom home builders and their clients-from project management, scheduling, document storage and budget tracking, to customer service and management capabilities, ECI said.

“ECI’s ultimate goal is to help small and medium businesses grow profitably and sustainably by making their day-to-day operations easier to manage-a mission that BuildTools shares,” said Ron Books. “BuildTools represents an exciting opportunity for us to bring our years of experience in the home construction market to bear in a new way, and help a new group of custom home builders and remodelers and their clients get business done better than ever before.”

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J. Sven Gustafson, CEO of BuildTools, said custom builders and remodelers have unique needs and that drove him to found BuildTools.
“ECI’s suite of purpose-built solutions for the residential construction market completely supports that understanding, and it makes them the right partner for us as we look to grow BuildTools further. We’re excited to see what we will accomplish together,” Gustafson said in the announcement.
The deal closed on May 8 and terms were not disclosed.