Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Marie Holliday

Marie Holliday

Marie M. Holliday D.D.S.

115 W. Second St., Suite 200

Fort Worth


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Marie Holliday takes pride in being known as “Doc Holliday” even though she is neither a gambler nor gunslinger. But she does share the similarity with Doc Holliday of Old West notoriety of being a dentist.

And if there ever was someone who channeled the spirit of Old West gutsiness, it is Marie “Doc Holliday.”

Besides running a successful dental practice in Fort Worth for 23 years, Holliday also owns two businesses in Sundance Square, making her a consummate entrepreneur.

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Her dental practice is just steps away from Marie Antoinette perfumery and her Flower to Go floral shop.

Holliday, who has been referred to as a “multi-tasking dynamo” is also a wife, mother of two sons and dedicated community service volunteer.

A life-long resident of Fort Worth, Holliday graduated from O.D. Wyatt High School and then went on to earn her bachelor’s degree at Boston University. After graduating from dental school at Tufts University in Boston, she returned to Fort Worth to make her mark.

Being young and female, she faced obstacles before establishing a firm footing. Support from her family – which include her father, a minister; a her mother, a school counselor, as well as two entrepreneurial sisters – helped guide her success.

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“Use every stumbling block as a stepping stone,” her father advised her early on.

Holliday has mastered the fine art of juggling but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She has a systematic approach to running her businesses and managing her practice.

Giving back to the community has especially meaningful for her. The many organizations she has devoted service to include the Citizens Committee for Future of Fort Worth, the board of the Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau, Downtown Fort Worth Inc, First Texas Council of Camp Fire and the Tarrant County Arts Council.

“I spend my time the way that I do because it is important for me to give back to my community and to be an advocate for change when change is needed and to continue to be a role model for women and African Americans,” she said.

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What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I ever received was to trust in God, set your goals high, and always strive for excellence.!!!

What advice would you give an entrepreneur?

My advice to any entrepreneur would be to make sure they are not undercapitalized, do their research, and always strive for excellence!!