Eosera adds noses to ears

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Eosera Inc. announced the addition of a new product – Nose Well – June 8 to rinse the nasal cavities that is designed to help reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies and sinus congestion.

Fort Worth-based Eosera, a majority woman-owned biotech company led by Elyse Dickerson, makes a line of ear care products that address underserved healthcare needs including earwax impaction, ear hygiene, ear itch, and ear irrigation that consumers can use in the comfort of their own homes.

The company has seven products in over 13,000 retail stores across the nation. The over-the-counter treatments allow consumers to self-treat, making ear care more accessible to all.

Eosera said in the announcement that studies show that rinsing the nasal passages may offer a variety of benefits, including improving sinus-related quality of life.

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Doctors recommend that anyone with allergies or sinus congestion use a nasal rinse like Nose Well to help rapidly clear the nose of allergens and debris, the company said.

There are no known serious side effects and rinsing the nasal passages can even reduce the amount of medication patients with sinusitis routinely take.

The Nose Well line includes Nose Well Nasal Rinsing Device, a gravity-fed device that rinses the nasal cavities, complete with two nozzles and 25 premixed packets; Nose Well Refill Pack, a pack complete with 50 premixed packets; and Baby Nose Well, an anti-backflow nasal aspirator for babies.

Eosera said clinical studies show that nasal rinsing devices can also help reduce nasal discomfort and may relieve symptoms of sinus pressure or infections. Only around 4% of people in the U.S. use a nasal rinse to help manage their allergy, cold, and flu symptoms.

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Eosera’s Nose Well Nasal Rinsing System uses innovative, gravity-fed technology to make the nasal rinsing process comfortable, easy and efficient with the push of a button, the company said.