Fort Worth law firm adds family law practice

Varghese Summersett Law Firm photo courtesy

The law firm of Varghese Summersett has launched a family law practice. The new branch, Varghese Summersett Family Law Group, is headed up by J. Turner Thornton, a family law attorney who has been named a partner at the firm.

“Turner Thornton has a remarkable ability to evaluate complex cases and come up with a winning strategy,” said Benson Varghese, founder and managing partner of Varghese Summersett. “This serves him well in the courtroom and in the boardroom. I’m honored to have him at the helm our family law practice.”

Thornton is adept in all aspects of family law, including high-asset divorce, child custody disputes and property division, according to a news release from the law firm.

“It’s an honor to be named a partner at the firm,” Thornton said. “Over the past decade, Varghese Summersett has transformed the way criminal cases are handled in North Texas. They are now turning their attention towards family law, and I am proud to be part of this very formidable team.”

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Varghese Summersett Family Law Group is located in One City Place Tower, 300 Throckmorton Street, in downtown Fort Worth. It shares the same 8,500 square foot space as Varghese Summersett PLLC, one of the largest and fastest growing criminal defense firms in Tarrant County.

“Although both practices are separate and do not share attorneys, having them both under one roof will better serve our clients and the community,” Varghese said. “Family law and criminal matters often intersect and this will allow us to meet the public’s need for strong legal representation in both areas of law.”