Fort Worth start-up aims to connect employers and job seekers in HVAC, other trades

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Finding qualified candidates should not be so hard and expensive as it is, thought Jeff Bond, owner of AC Works 365. 

“After spending more than $3,000 for one month on a job board, a fortune to get mostly unqualified candidates, I decided this was taking up too much of my time and money, and there had to be a better way,” Bond said. “But I couldn’t find a better way, so I took a huge step outside of my comfort zone and started a tech company.” 

The result? Trade Jobs, a platform that connects employers and job seekers specific to the HVAC, electrical and plumbing trades has launched. (

Trade Jobs, a TechFW client, helps companies and potential employers find people with specific credentials for the trade. Companies post open job positions — at a fraction of competitors’ prices – and are matched with job seekers’ profiles that meet the required qualifications and experience level. Candidates can fill out a profile and search job opportunities at no cost. The combination allows for a streamlined recruiting process that saves time and money. 

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There are packages to post a job or jobs for one month or a quarter, and an annual membership to post unlimited jobs for a year. Job postings start as low as $250 for one month. The site will offer advertising opportunities and Bond said he would seek to partner with tool/educations companies that can offer discounts to Trade Jobs members. 

Bond expects to build out the go-to recruitment platform for multiple trades industries, with expansion possibilities in areas such as handymen, architects, and construction and janitorial.

“A good team member can help you grow your business to new heights,” Bond said. “Trade Jobs can make that happen quicker.”