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Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra in the park

Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra will be holding three concerts this weekend all at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. These concerts are a part of their Concerts in the Park series.

The three concerts are:

– The Music of Pink Floyd (

– Replay: Symphony of Heroes (

– 1812 Overture and Symphonic Sparklers (

According to the Fort Worth Symphony website, The Music of Pink Floyd will feature the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and a full rock band as they play songs from some of Pink Floyd’s most popular albums. The concert will be conducted by Martin Herman.

Replay: Symphony of Heroes plays music from popular games such as Kingdom Hearts and Halo. According to the website, the concert will be narrated by Jason Michael Paul who will transport the audience through a musical quest. The concert will be conducted by Kevin Zakresky and feature the Dallas Chamber Choir and Jon L. Culpepper.

The final concert, 1812 Overture and Symphonic Sparklers, will match Tchaikovsky’s music and pair it with a firework show. This concert is also donor night for the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

For more information:

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