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Great Women of Texas 2019: Denise I. Helms

Denise I. Helms, RN

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Overture Home Care

In 2014, Denise I. Helms sold her partnership shares in a long-term care organization but believing that she was too young to retire, she and her husband Rob researched and explored many business models and next steps.

Her passion health care for the senior population led to the formation of  Overture Home Care  LLC in 2015. Four years later, Overture employees nearly 300 caregivers and adds more than $2 million in payroll to the local community.

“There are companies in the home care industry that are more interested in a quick buck versus leaving a legacy of empathetic, expert care,” says nominator Susan Nix. “Denise and her team have built a business around not only doing the right thing, but doing the best thing, both creating opportunity for those who work at Overture, as well as helping their clients live comfortably and independently, as they age with dignity.”

Helms lives in Aledo, where she is an active member of the “Aledo AdvoCats,” a nonprofit charity benefiting children and their families in the Aledo ISD.

Helms has recently been appointed to two different advisory committees for the State of Texas dealing with respite care and aging and disability resources.

Helms grew up in Jamestown, North Dakota, and attended college in Olathe, Kansas, where she earned her bachelors of nursing degree. She has been married to her husband for 25 years. They have two children, Austin and Alex, who live in the Fort Worth area.

–       Paul K. Harral

What advice would you give young women rising to a position of prominence?

Every job and position is important. As you begin your career – entry level jobs are critical to learning the basics – remember to exceed expectations and be passionate about your role. This is how you get noticed for promotions or additional responsibilities. As you advance in your career, you will have jobs you love and jobs you don’t necessarily enjoy. Every position is an opportunity to learn. You may be learning how to do things correctly, and at the same time, just as importantly, you’re also learning what NOT to do.  Remember to take time for self-reflection and welcome constructive criticism.


You could choose to spend your time many ways; why do you choose to spend it the way you do?

I choose to spend my time teaching, offering to be a resource to others, empowering women in business and giving back to my community.  I believe as you go through life, you learn so much along the way and any coaching or advice to help others avoid mistakes or have a better understanding of a situation is invaluable.


Who is the most significant role model and/or mentor in your life?

My most significant role model was a long-term care nurse consultant who hired me for my first job in nursing management. She was told I did not have the experience and was too young to hold a Director of Nursing position but she fought for me, believing I had  critical thinking skills and could learn how to take my knowledge of working as an ICU nurse and manage the clinical aspects of a nursing home. Once hired, she made sure I became the best Director of Nursing I could be. I used her wisdom, coaching, teaching and motivation to launch my career in geriatric nursing. This role model and mentor is now suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. My passion in caring for seniors has been once again confirmed. 


What book, movie, TV series or play influenced you growing up?  Why?

My favorite TV series growing up was Charlie’s Angels. It was influential for me as I watched strong/beautiful women being portrayed as independent, intelligent, employed and making a difference – solving crimes. As I watched this series, the Angels had a definite bond, supported each other and always worked well together and I wanted to be just like them.

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