Great Women of Texas 2019: Marcie Finney Ditto

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 Marcie Ditto

CEO/Owner, Mustard Seed Jewelry


Marcie Finney Ditto describes herself as a wife, a mother, a believer, a happenstance entrepreneur, an ex-marathoner, a goodness advocate, a gratitude-giver and a blessing-counter. Nominator Dan Villegas describes her as a designer, a visionary, a successful business owner with a generous spirit, and a role model for women.

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Add it all up and you’re describing a woman who, Villegas says, “exemplifies the whole concept of the mustard seed and how one person can really make a difference in her community.”

The biblical parable of the mustard seed is frequently quoted because it illustrates in a just a few words the far-reaching power of a small act of faith. Ditto demonstrates that power by combining her highly successful jewelry design business with fundraising efforts that have benefited a wide range of local and national charities.

“She’s on a journey to touch lives and bring joy, peace, and love through God’s blessings,” says nominator Christie Eckler. “She sets such a great example to so many female entrepreneurs but it’s more than that. She changes you when you spend time with her. She takes you out of the everyday stresses and allows you to see clearly what you need to do.


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What advice would you give a young woman rising to a position of prominence?

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Strengthen her relationship with God, through watering her spirit daily with quiet time and His presence. As the demands of your position grow, this relationship, I believe, is critical to stay balanced and focused and fosters the discernment that is needed for lasting success and leadership. To remind her that she is a precious seed of faith in the world, that her voice, her presence, her leadership will impact the many for the greater good. It’s all there inside of her, just waiting to come out and bless the world. It really is that simple. It just takes the courage to act upon that knowing.


You could choose to spend your time many ways; why do you choose to spend it in the way that you do?

This is what I believe is the purpose for my life. Every day I pray that I am able to inspire deeper faith in others, that they will reach into their hearts and find a realization of how loved they are and how capable they are of impacting others with their kindness and love. I pray to inspire others to share their stories of great faith, and through this they will in turn be inspired to push the envelope of what it means to give in their communities and their own personal lives. 


Who is the most significant role model and or mentor in your life?

My grandfather was such a significant early mentor in my life. He was an incredible watercolor artist, graphic designer and fine jewelry maker. I grew up going to gem and mineral shows with him and marveling while watching him paint all day. He was such a quiet, gentle spirit in this world. He passed away when I was in 5th grade. Those early years of watching him were enough to inspire in my spirit for the rest of my life that I could set out to be an artist and be successful if I worked hard and loved God the way he did.

In business, I have been inspired by my mentor Kevin Weaver. Talk about living on purpose! This man has demonstrated being such an incredible world changer. Not only through his unshakable, demonstrations of faith, but how he carries every aspect of holding love in the highest in his business and personal life.

He has integrated and demonstrated this so beautifully to me. There is not one question I couldn’t ask him. No matter what I asked, I would always receive a loving, authentic and real response. He has always pushed me to believe bigger than I’ve ever thought possible and has always helped me stay connected and uplifted in my walk with Christ.