Great Women of Texas 2019: Susan Rudd Bailey

Susan Rudd Bailey

Susan Rudd Bailey, MD

Fort Worth Allergy and Asthma Associates; President-Elect, American Medical Association

Susan R. Bailey, MD, an allergist/immunologist, has a long history of service in helping guide organized medicine at the local, state and national level. She has served as board chair and president of the Tarrant County Medical Society, and as vice speaker, speaker and president of the Texas Medical Association.

Bailey was elected president-elect of the American Medical Association in June 2019, and will officially take office in June 2020 as the third consecutive woman to hold the position.

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Previously, she served as speaker of the AMA House of Delegates for four years and as vice speaker for four years. She has been active in the AMA since medical school when she served as chair of the AMA Medical Student Section.

Bailey has been in practice in Fort Worth for more than 30 years.

She completed her residency in general pediatrics and a fellowship in allergy/immunology at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota, and is board certified in allergy and immunology, and pediatrics and has been awarded the title of Distinguished Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

Bailey received her medical degree with honors from the Texas A&M University College of Medicine as a member of its charter class, and was later appointed to the Texas A&M System Board of Regents by then Gov. George W. Bush, the first female former student to become a regent.

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She has been named a Distinguished Alumnus of Texas A&M University and of Texas A&M University College of Medicine.

“With her leadership and tenacity, she has fought for patients and physicians at all levels to get the best care possible,” said nominator Kathryn Narumiya of the Tarrant County Medical Society. “In addition to running a practice, Dr. Bailey is passionate about creating policies that benefit our citizens and make our communities healthier. Bailey has received nationwide recognition for her efforts and is truly a Great Woman of Texas.”

Bailey is married to W. Douglas Bailey, has two sons and one grandson, and is an elder and longtime choir member of University Christian Church.


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– Paul K. Harral

What advice would you give young women rising to a position of prominence?

I advise young women to join their professional societies and get involved!  Volunteer for the things no one else wants to do.  If public speaking makes you nervous, practice in a variety of settings until you don’t get nervous anymore. 


You could choose to spend your time many ways; why do you choose to spend it the way you do?

Advocating for my profession and my patients makes my practice so much richer and more satisfying.  I have always loved being involved in organized medicine and being around other leaders.

Who is the most significant role model and/or mentor in your life?

My Mayo Clinic allergy program director, the late Dr. Ed O’Connell, was influential to me because he showed me how one can be a great physician, spouse, parent, team player, and national leader all at the same time and do it all with love and gratitude. 

What book, movie, TV series or play influenced you growing up?  Why?

Star Trek: It is full of hope for the future, made science look cool, and let physicians be part of the leadership team.  Plus, I still hope someone will invent a tricorder to scan patients and instantly get data.  

What would you like for us to know that we might not know to ask?

I sing in the University Christian Church Chancel Choir, and have performed with them in Carnegie Hall with the New York Pops five times.