Great Women of Texas 2019: Victoria Wollmann Wise

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Victoria Wollmann Wise

Publisher, Founder

Madeworthy Media, Tanglewood Moms

Victoria Wise is the CEO and founder of Madeworthy Media and Tanglewood Moms as well as many other business ventures, all sharing a common thread: establishing deep connections with the people and businesses of Fort Worth while forging new paths for women in business.

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“One thing to know about me is that I am probably one of the few women-owned publishing businesses in Fort Worth with a mostly female team,” Wise said. “While we grew out of a mom’s group, we have been able to grow our readership to include men and to non-parents. We love being another voice to promote this great city!”

In 2011, Wise co-launched Jewelry Nut Auctions, an online company that sold accessories and clothing through live auctions on Facebook. With annual sales over $1 million, she and her partner were selected by Facebook to serve on the inaugural Facebook Small and Medium Business Council, a position Wise still holds. They sold Jewelry Nut after three lively years to pursue other ventures.

In April 2015, inspired by her passion for  marketing on Facebook, Wise co-founded a boutique social media marketing agency. In June of that same year, she launched a local blog and business directory as an extension of the popular local Facebook group, Tanglewood Moms, that she had created in 2011.

In 2017, Wise launched a new print magazine. A truly unique publication, Madeworthy Magazine was born of the local spirit of the Tanglewood Moms website and online community. The magazine connects with families in a nostalgic way through professionally written editorial content in a vibrant, large format.

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“She has been successful in several industries all with the common thread of using technology, the internet and building a community of users in all of her ventures,” notes Brad Hancock of the Neeley School of Business at TCU.

In 2018, Wise was honored by Safe Haven of Tarrant County with the Legacy of Women Award. In March of this year she was again recognized by Facebook for her role in creating and maintaining a large Facebook Community, and invited to attend the Facebook Community Summit.

She is married to Billy Bob Wise, and is the mother of four children: Rowan, 12; Lollie, 10 and twins Griffin and Graham, 8.

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What advice would you give young women rising to a position of prominence?

Chart your own path. There are many ways to get ahead and to the top if that is your goal. No one says it has to be how the last person did it.

You could choose to spend your time many ways; why do you choose to spend it the way you do?

I’ve always considered myself an entrepreneur. I find the most fulfillment working for myself and with people that have a shared goal. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have found many people to collaborate with on a lot of the goals I have set forth. I also strive to be a good example for my kids so they know that anything is possible.

Who is the most significant role model/mentor in your life?

I am incredibly lucky to have had the opportunities that my parents afforded me and their leadership to guide me early in life. For the last four years, I have been able to reach out to leaders at TCU’s Neeley School and they have always steered me in the right direction. Brad Hancock, Homer Erekson and Michael Sherrod have been such a great resource for me and countless other entrepreneurs.

What book, movie, TV series, or play influenced you growing up? Why?

For personal development, I have always loved The Alchemistby Paulo Coelho. There is an incredible amount of life lessons you can glean from this book.

I don’t miss an episode of the podcast How I Built Thisby Guy Raz on NPR. Each episode is the most perfect example of how successful entrepreneurship looks for each founder.