It’s a (w)rap: Stories with Soul welcomes Franklin Moss

Frank Moss and Jamey Ice in the studio. (6th Ave Storytelling)

Frank Moss grew up in Fort Worth’s Stop Six neighborhood, learning the art of community service from his city councilman dad and school board trustee mom, and getting an early start as a style-setter by wearing a suit or button down every Tuesday as part of his high school Distinguished Gentlemen group. In college, he “rode the wave” into a new focus, rapping, which changed his wardrobe but not his passion: fashion was one of several subjects he rapped about.

Frank continued to ride the wave as his custom-suit side hustle became his full-time job. Today he’s an economic force in his own right and also half of a power duo – his wife Mia opened Black Coffee in 2020. Beyond the world of business he applies those early life lessons in service with Community Frontline, an organization dedicated to addressing causes of suffering in his neighborhood.

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