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Keller removing train cars to make room for parking

KELLER, Texas (AP) – Several train cars, which are considered by some to be symbols of a North Texas city’s history, are being removed to make way for more parking spots as part of a $4.25 million development project.

In October, the City Council voted to remove three of the four cars from the Old Town area of Keller so there’s room for additional parking for nearby shops and restaurants in an effort to make the area more of an evening destination, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

A city-owned engine, which has been in the “train park” since 1998, will stay in Old Town and will eventually be “more prominently featured” when the renovation is done, according to the city’s website. But it’s unclear whether the two other city-owned cars will be sold or scrapped.

A local effort is underway to save the vintage 1917 Rock Island Railroad car owned by the Old Town Keller Merchants Association.

The Old Town Keller Merchants Association and the Old Town Keller Foundation were unsuccessful in convincing the City Council to move the fourth car to the foundation’s Wild Rose Heritage Center, a small local museum dedicated to the city’s history.

However, the groups are in separate talks with another government entity and a reality show to find a new home for the train car, according to Cathie Jackson, president of the Old Town Keller Merchants Association and chairwoman of the Old Town Keller Foundation board of directors.

If those options fall through, the groups will either pay to have the car stored, or they’ll scrap it as a last resort.

The groups have until March 31 to move the car.

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