Klein Tools examines how to attract young workers to skilled trade jobs

Klein Tools annual “State of the Industry” survey – with input from more than 800 union and non-union electricians – highlights when and why millennials are entering the industry. The results also explore how employers can attract the next generation to the trades to end the labor shortage facing the United States.

Klein, founded in 1857, is a family-owned and operated company with a major manufacturing presence in Mansfield.

The company said in a news release that results of the most recent survey showed more than half of millennial electricians – 57 percent – entered the industry when they were 25 years old or younger. Of these electricians, 77 percent entered the field as an apprentice.

They listed these reasons:

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– 52 percent of millennial electricians enjoy problem solving and the technical aspects of the electrical industry; – Half chose a career in the industry due to the field’s job security; and – Because they prefer to work with their hands.

“As, the skills gap remains a nationwide labor crisis it is great to see millennial electricians now joining the industry as apprentices, recognizing how rewarding a career in the trades can be,” Mark Klein, president of sales and marketing at Klein Tools, said in the news release. “As employers, we must continue to offer apprenticeship and training opportunities to continue to encourage the next generation to enter the skilled trades.”

The company said the survey provided tips on how employers can recruit next-generation workers by showcasing the benefits skilled trade jobs offer to the next generation, how a job in the skilled trades solves everyday challenges and makes a difference in people’s lives featuring the high-tech skills required for the job and the flexibility a career in the trades offers.

“One way Klein Tools is reaching the next generation is through entertaining messaging, such as our Tools that Power America’s Passion video campaign,” Klein said. “Our behind the scenes footage looked at all of the hard work electricians accomplish to create unforgettable experiences, like lighting up parade floats as they drive down Bourbon Street for Mardi Gras and illuminating a Friday Night football game so we can cheer on our favorite team. These videos recognize the tradesmen and women who transform America’s most iconic places into breathtaking events, showcasing how interesting and exciting a career in the electrical industry can be.”

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For a video: bit.ly/KleinNOLA

For more about the survey results, kleintools.com/2018survey1 kleintools.com