Leah’s Sweet Treats adds Funky Town Donuts to its expansion plans

Funky Town Donuts

Funky Town Donuts has been looking for a storefront in Fort Worth for several months. Up until now, Funky Town has only been able to offer one of its fantastic flavors at Stir Crazy Bakery on Magnolia on Saturdays.

That is where Leah’s Sweet Treats comes in…

Leah Loose announced via Facebook on November 18, that along with her upcoming expansion, she will be teaming up with Brandon Moors of Funky Town Donuts, providing him with a much-need store-front from which to sell his decadent wares.

“We are so thrilled to announce that once we expand next door, we will be teaming up with Funky Town Donuts,” Loose says. “This means we are extending store hours and will be open at 7:30 a.m., so you can come pick up donuts along with all of our new breakfast products before work and school. There will be no limit to the donuts – come grab ‘em by the dozens! We will even have flavors exclusive to Leah’s Sweet Treats.”

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“My wife, my mom and I started the business and are currently the only employees,” said Moors in an interview. “My wife, Angie, handles a lot of the sales and marketing, while my mom, Ruth, handles anything numbers-related. I make all the donuts.” Funky Town has been offering complimentary delivery within 15 miles of the 76107 zip code.

“We make everything from scratch using the freshest ingredients. Our fruit glazes are truly fresh puréed fruit so you can really taste the difference,” Moors says. “We offer regular sized donuts (which are actually pretty hefty) and we also have mini donuts, and they are still pretty substantial (about 2-inchs x 2-inches).”

“We are now offering donut letters and numbers, and patrons can select regular glaze in almost any color, or chocolate glazed. We can also add glitter, confetti or sprinkles. We love to customize and get creative. We can also make vegan and gluten free donuts,” Moors says. Special orders will still go through Funky Town, so the orders will not be too overwhelming for Leah’s staff to keep track of.

Along with the addition of Funky Town Donuts, Leah’s expansion will add to her menu as well. “We plan to be more of a café,” says Loose. “We are in the testing stages of new muffin recipes, cinnamon rolls, cookies and even fresh pop tarts. We are also planning to serve locally sourced coffee. There are still a lot of hoops to jump through but we are shooting for December.”

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One other change to look for is a regular set of cupcake flavors that customers can expect to always be in stock, like their Princess cupcake. Before, Leah’s cupcake flavors were only on a rotating schedule. The updated and expanded space will now be very kid-friendly and comfortable for parents to enjoy spending time with their children. “It will be more of an experience…not just take-away counter service,” says Loose.

Leah’s Sweet Treats

4910 Camp Bowie Blvd.

Fort Worth 76107

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