Legendary 6666 Ranch goes on the market for $192.2M

6666 Ranch photo courtesy Charles S. Middleton

The legendary 6666 Ranch (pronounced Four Sixes) is up for sale.

Lubbock-based land brokerage and appraisal firm Chas S. Middleton and Son has listed the 142,372.00-acre West Texas property for sale at $192.2 million. The property is located in King County. Lubbock is 95 miles to the west, Wichita Falls is 115 miles to the east, and Fort Worth is 200 miles to the southeast.

“Many times, in marketing ranch properties the terms “Historic Ranch”, “Legendary Property”, “Famous Ranch”, or “Rare Offering” are over used to hype a ranch being offered for sale,” the brokerage says on its website on the offering. “Such terms should only rightly be used to describe precious few ranches. Without question, these terms truly fit the legendary 6666’s Ranch. Few, if any ranches in the United States can match the history, grandeur, and prestige of the 6666’s Ranch, which was founded in 1870.”

The ranch, originally part of the massive Burk Burnett holdings, were passed down to Anne Burnett Marion after his death. Anne Marion died at age 81 on Feb. 11, 2020, and terms of her will dictated all of her ranching operations would be sold, according to the brokerage.

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Texas oil and ranching heiress Anne Marion was a major benefactor and leader in Fort Worth for years and a driving force behind the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth as well as a founder of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

CSM’s website says the ranch covers almost 225 square miles of land. The ranch is roughly 20 miles long and 12 miles wide.

“Legend has it that the history of the ranch began with a poker game and a winning hand of four sixes,” CSM said.

The 6666’s Ranch has historically been operated as a cattle ranch, and in more recent years, a separate horse division has been established. It is now a major component of the overall ranching operation, according to CSM.

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The 6666 Frisco Creek Ranch Division, and 6666 Dixon Creek Ranch Division are listed separately. The price for all three together is $341 million.