Lifestyle benefits: Fort Worth firm gives the gift of time

Rendee Bullard and Kellye Garrett

Go Cowtown Group

2501 Forest Park Blvd.

Suite 1

Fort Worth 76110

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“Wouldn’t it be great to have more time to do the things that matter most?” asks lifestyle manager Rendee Bullard, rushing out the door to pick up a client at the airport.

Bullard is owner of Fort Worth’s Go Cowtown Group, an on-demand global personal concierge agency.

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Go Cowtown teamed Bullard with partner Kellye Garrett, a veteran of both the hospitality and concierge industries. The go-to dynamic duo helps scratch items off people’s to-do lists so they can find that balance between work, family and other life priorities.

Bullard is a longtime personal assistant for high-net-worth and high-profile clients including LeAnn Rimes and other recording artists through her Dallas-based global mobile concierge company called Go Go Me. She teamed up last year with Garrett, who started her personal assistance service dubbed Cowtown Concierge a decade ago in Fort Worth.

Collectively, they have more than 30 years of experience providing personal assistance.

“I have over 20 years in the concierge industry, starting out working for C-level executives in an admin support role. It evolved into a PA role before personal assistance was even a term,” said Bullard.

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She worked in Los Angeles and Nashville before moving to Big D four years ago and starting Go Go Me.

The “power partners,” as the entrepreneurial pair call themselves, combined forces and launched Go Cowtown to expand their established personal concierge services to local clients.

Bullard has retained a couple of high-net-worth clients while Garrett continues serving several of her long-standing clients.

They were both looking to take business to the next level when they formed their partnership, they said.

“It’s really a good fit,” said Garrett, a Fort Worth native whose background includes working with guest services and fulfilling guest requests in the bed and breakfast industry. She transferred that experience into her personal assistance business, working primarily for people living in high-rise residences.

“Fort Worth now is ready for accepting personal assistance and concierge services,” Garrett said. “We feel like we’re offering a great service. We want people to have the time to do what they need to do. We want to help and do what we can. What can we do to take something off your plate?”

Go Cowtown, which labels itself as “your exclusive lifestyle managers,” offers five service categories: Go Home, Go Nerd, Go Event, Go Beauty and Go You. Services are provided by seasoned career concierges called Go Gos, Go Pros, Go Bros (the male counterparts) and Go Vendors. The Go network serves clients across the Lone Star State and the country – including Los Angeles and Nashville – as well as in London, Paris, Berlin and Perth, Australia.

“I have this amazing Rolodex. I know people all over the globe, some who have worked with me or for me. They know the Go Go lifestyle,” said Bullard. “Our goal is to provide services to clients just about anywhere. You name it, somebody needs it. As long as it’s ethical and moral, a Go Go will do whatever is necessary to meet and exceed your expectation of a requested task. We can make anything happen, anytime, anywhere.”

For a pre-paid three-hour booking, which translates to $150, clients can receive services ranging from nanny and housesitting service, pet care and errand running, to packing and relocation services, event and travel planning, home information technology assistance, meal preparation and mobile beauty services.

“Everything’s mobile and flawless. We’re always on call, not 9 to 5 but 24/7,” Bullard said. “I’ve never been 9 to 5.”

Go Cowtown now has kicked up its offerings another degree with a new B2B service. It customizes and tailors employee lifestyle benefit packages for companies looking to enhance their existing benefits by including Go Cowtown’s concierge services.

According to a recent survey by the Society of Human Resource Management, less than 5 percent of employers offer concierge services to their employees. Bullard and Garrett believe that lifestyle management is a valuable component of benefit programs. By integrating a lifestyle benefit such as corporate concierge services, companies can retain their employees and boost their revenues.

“It’s a bonus benefit, an elevated benefit that’s saving employees time and helping them stay more productive at work,” Garrett said. “Employees are more loyal, more dedicated, and are not spending office time running around doing errands. People stay focused, productive and happy at work.

“It shows that the company really cares about the employees and that they’ve made an investment in their people. It’s a great retention and recruitment tool. It’s a great gift, the gift of time,” she said.

Garrett and Bullard think their corporate concierge services are a first in Fort Worth, maybe even an industry first. Go Cowtown plans another first later this year with the roll-out of Go U, an online educational program on all things related to lifestyle management, for people who want to become certified personal assistants.

“We want to set the bar. We’re pioneering an industry standard. We’re growing an industry. It’s very exciting,” Bullard said.

“Life is good,” Garrett added. “We just make it better.”

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