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McDonald Cabin moves to Doss’ Pioneer Cabin Park in Weatherford

More than a decade ago, plans began for the Pioneer Cabin Park, an outdoor log cabin exhibit at the Doss Heritage and Culture Center. The park is meant to be a place for visitors to see how early Texans lived.

The Doss Heritage and Culture Center has announced the first, of four, cabins to move onto what will become Pioneer Cabin Park. The first cabin arrival was the McDonald Cabin, which will serve as the hands-on learning cabin for the park once it opens to the public.

“Several activities in and around the cabin are planned to help visitors, especially younger visitors, learn the different tasks of daily pioneer life. Log seating will be located at the site for programs detailing the lives of early Texans,” said Curator Amanda Edwards, in a news release.

The McDonald cabin was moved onto the property across two days from Sept. 13-14. It now sits on its pad behind the Texas history museum, where the outdoor exhibit is located, at 1400 Texas Drive in Weatherford.

The McDonald Cabin was donated by Perry and Barbara Mader. According to the release, the McDonald girls, Nora Loughrey, Jenella Young and Barbara Mader spent their childhood playing in the cabin. B.C. McDonald purchased the property from Virgil Young, who got the cabin from A.B. Simpson, who is the earliest known owner of the property after he received a patent for a 92-acre farm in May of 1890.

“While the whole community is excited to see the cabin arrive, it is an active construction area and we ask that you wait until we can ensure the safety of everyone before anyone will be allowed outside to see the cabin,” Edwards said in the release.

Members of the Doss’ 1849 Club will be the first to see the cabin up close during an Oct. 11, 3-6 p.m. tour time slot. Dean Hungate, managing director of the Doss said there’s still time for people to join the 1849 Club.

“The donations will be used to rebuild and restore the log cabins,” Hungate said. “While getting the first one on site is a big step, we are still raising funds to move the other three and then restore all of them so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

For more information on joining the 1849 Club please visit

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