Newberg Family

Barry and Kenna Newberg married in 2001, and after living in Dallas then Charlotte, North Carolina, moved to Plano and have lived there for the past 12 years. Daughters Avery (7) and Sloane (5) have always called Plano home. Barry and Kenna are the owner-operators of two Plano MOOYAH Burgers*Fries*Shakes locations, the first ever MOOYAH located on Park Road near the Tollway, and the newer one on Legacy and Independence Parkway. MOOYAH Burgers started over 6 years ago with the Park/Tollway location and now has over 50 locations nationally. You’ll see Barry on the grill, at the register, and sweeping the floors at his two locations every day. Kenna has been a leader at PISD’s Weatherford Elementary School PTA for 3 years. They are both actively involved as members of Congregation Beth Torah synagogue, its pre-school, and its Board of Directors. Avery is the dreamer in the family, sharing her love of all people and nature with everyone she comes into contact with. Sloane is the mover and shaker, rarely staying still long enough to let you adore her smile or admire her sneaky sense of humor.