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Now we’re cooking: Renowned chef Jon Bonnell joins Stories with Soul

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When Jon Bonnell graduated from college he went into what he thought at the time was his chosen profession – teaching math and science to middle school and high school students. He loved the work but hated the downtime.

“I enjoyed the teaching but I couldn’t handle three months off in the summer,” he says. “I had nothing to do and nobody not to do it with.”

Bonnell noticed that he spent all his spare time “cooking stuff” and it suddenly hit him: “I should be cooking for a living.”

The rest, as they say, is history. Jon Bonnell is now a renowned chef and restaurateur, literally a household name not only in Fort Worth but far  beyond. In the latest episode of the Stories with Soul podcast, Bonnell chats with hosts Jamey Ice and Jimmy Williams about his lifelong love affair with food, his countless charitable endeavors and his tireless commitment to uplifting the community.

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