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Oops – turns out Chuck Norris didn’t endorse Cruz after all

Chuck Norris is saving his might for the general election.

It appeared that the roundhouse-kicking action star had thrown in with GOP candidate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas when Norris’s name appeared as a star attraction at a March 13 Cruz rally in Concord, North Carolina.

The “Walker, Texas Ranger” actor had been a staunch supporter of Mike Huckabee, and when the former Arkansas governor dropped out of the GOP race, that left the coveted endorsement from Norris (the subject of now-classic Internet memes) up for grabs.

But now Norris’ name has disappeared from the Sunday event’s lineup. And in a statement to conservative news site WND, the actor said he hasn’t yet endorsed anybody, and doesn’t plan to pick among the GOP field.

“I am going to let the citizens of America decide who they think would be the best candidate for the GOP.” he said. “When the candidate is decided, I will support that person enthusiastically.”

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