Plano, you still believe! City ranks as most excited Texas city about Christmas Day

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Have you ever wondered which Texas cities are most excited for Christmas Day? Well, the team at Austin, Texas-based LawnStarter has.

LawnStarter connects homeowners with lawn care professionals through its online platform and mobile app. And the team also produces “fun,” interesting content about the regions it operates in.

According to LawnStarter, the holiday season is typically defined by “excessive seasonal sales, frequency in traveling and most importantly the holiday spirit made visible by an elucid display of decorations on homes and local businesses.”

Being lawn care professionals, the LawnStarter team says they get to see first hand the Christmas decorations residents put up. While some areas are sparsely decorated, others jump into the holiday season full-force, they said.

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“This spurred our research team to ask, do some areas get more excited for Christmas than others,” the team said in a news release. “And if so, which Texas cities are most excited for Christmas day?”

So, to find the answers to their question, LawnStarter’s research team examined Google Trends data showing search activity for terms related to the topic “Christmas Day” over the past 90 days, filtered down to Texas.

The team then segmented the Google trends data by city, with a score of 100 indicating the highest interest level for a region, and the score was adjusted to take population size into account.

But they didn’t stop there. The team also compared the Google Trends data from 2017 to both 2016 and 2015 to see if there were any “repeat celebrators.”

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For 2017, Plano topped the list with a score of 100, followed by Waxahachie at 92, Canyon Lake at 89 and Weatherford at 88.

While Plano is a newcomer to the list, not ranking in the top 20 for the prior two years, eight of 2017’s top 20 have made the list three years running: Canyon Lake, Flower Mound, Atascocita, Georgetown, Conroe, League City, Wylie and Midland.

In the release, LawnStarters explained that they “couldn’t find any commonalities to explain why these cities seem perpetually excited for this holiday.”

The complete list of Texas cities that are most excited for Christmas Day of 2017 is as follows:

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1 – Plano

Google Trends Score: 100

2 – Waxahachie

Google Trends Score: 92

2016 Ranking: 6

3 – Canyon Lake

Google Trends Score: 89

2016 Ranking: 5

2015 Ranking: 10

4 – Weatherford

Google Trends Score: 88

2016 Ranking: 1

5 – Rockwall

Google Trends Score: 87

2016 Ranking: 2

6 – Leander

Google Trends Score: 86

2016 Ranking: 22

7 – Southlake

Google Trends Score: 84

2016 Ranking: 11

8 – Rowlett

Google Trends Score: 83

2016 Ranking: 8

9 – Flower Mound

Google Trends Score: 83

2016 Ranking: 4

2015 Ranking: 7

10 – Belton

Google Trends Score: 82

11 – Atascocita

Google Trends Score: 81

2016 Ranking: 7

2015 Ranking: 20

12 – Georgetown

Google Trends Score: 80

2016 Ranking: 20

2015 Ranking: 8

13 – New Braunfels

Google Trends Score: 80

14 – Friendswood

Google Trends Score: 80

2016 Ranking: 3

15 – Conroe

Google Trends Score: 77

2016 Ranking: 14

2015 Ranking: 1

16 – League City

Google Trends Score: 77

2016 Ranking: 9

2015 Ranking: 3

17 – Abilene

Google Trends Score: 75

2016 Ranking: 23

2015 Ranking: 12

18 – Wylie

Google Trends Score: 75

2016 Ranking: 12

2015 Ranking: 19

19 – Midland

Google Trends Score: 75

2016 Ranking: 16

2015 Ranking: 13

20 – Temple

Google Trends Score: 74