Slalom Fort Worth: Implementing seamless solutions to create lasting impact on local businesses

Welcome to Slalom

Helping people and organizations dream bigger, move faster, and build better tomorrows for all is Slalom’s purpose. And a new Slalom office in the Fort Worth area will help local businesses do just that.

“We’re thrilled to open our new office in the Fort Worth area,” says General Manager of Slalom Fort Worth, Jaime Grassi. “Slalom’s consultants are passionate about helping Fort Worth businesses and making a positive impact in our community.” 

A global business and technology consulting firm, Slalom helps businesses with everything from unlocking the value of data and embracing modern technology to enabling thriving workforces. Best of all, Slalom takes a fiercely human approach to everything they do. Consultants focus on deeply understanding customers—and their customers—to deliver practical, end-to-end solutions that drive meaningful impact.

Since Slalom’s consulting business started in 2001, the company has grown rapidly to over 13,000 team members in six countries and 43 markets. To support Slalom’s vision of consultants and customers who love both their life and their work, the company is committed to building strong local teams in each of its markets. That means skilled Slalom consultants don’t have to fly around the world to meet customers and conduct business, avoiding needless nights in hotels and time away from their families. Slalom consultants and customers both enjoy having Slalom in their community.

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Local soul, global scale

Because Slalom consultants live where they work, they’re completely committed to their local communities while also benefitting from the strength and scale of Slalom’s operations around the world. In other words, the capabilities and solutions Slalom Fort Worth can offer are both powerful and meaningful to the community.

Local companies of all sizes depend on Slalom for deeper connections and better outcomes. Slalom works closely with over 400 leading technology providers—like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, and Salesforce—to bring a deep understanding of partner technologies and priorities. That drives trusting relationships and exponential impact, whether the project is a point-of-sale system that needs to work with other software, a cloud data migration, or a revamp of a customer’s mobile app.

If a company has a vision, Slalom’s job is to help it come to life. “Our customers—they’re the experts of their business,” Grassi says. “It’s a highly collaborative process of working together and seeing how we can help,” she says.

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When it comes to implementing new technologies or streamlining internal processes, Grassi’s suggestion to local businesses is to start small and work your way up to incorporate more capabilities. “Start with the main things that your solution needs to do—then add the next levels of functionality,” she says.

For companies that have established a thriving business, Slalom’s role is to hone in on opportunities to enhance processes and systems and take them to the next level. “Our job is to teach and help our customers transition to the best versions of themselves,” Grassi says.

Head and heart

Bottom line: Slalom prides itself on bringing both head and heart to everything the company does. Slalom consultants know that projects succeed or fail because of people—not technology—so they focus on building trust and empowering others.

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For the team at Slalom Fort Worth, that means helping their neighbors thrive.  

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Slalom Fort Worth’s workspace is located in the newly developed District 114 at Kimball Park in Southlake, which is strategically located to be central to consultants’ homes and clients’ headquarters, serving both Tarrant and Denton Counties. Most employees work remotely (from home or from client offices) while the new office is available for the occasional drop-in for meetings with the team or collaborative work with clients. Top notch amenities and technology reflect the investment in their people.

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