Sundance Square valet assisted parking services temporarily suspended

Map courtesy of Sundance Square - Parking Garages and Lots

Sundance Square will temporarily suspend all valet assisted parking services across Sundance Square properties beginning Jan. 6.  The decision is in response to the high level of COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations in Fort Worth and Tarrant County which reached 99% ICU bed occupancy the past weekend.

As an alternative to valet assisted parking, Sundance Square will be offering free and safer short term parking options for impacted customers, tenants, and guests in its parking garages and surface lots. Validation will not be required. An attendant will also staff the valet parking stations to offer directions, Sundance said in the announcement.

“By temporarily suspending valet assisted parking services, Sundance Square is supporting our North Texas efforts to mitigate further community spread,” said Henry S. Miller, president of Sundance Square Management.  “Valet assisted parking will resume once public health data confirms a consecutive two-week decline in Tarrant County’s COVID-19 hospitalization rate.”

List of Alternative Free “Short-Term” Parking Locations:

  • Garage 3 located at  345 W. 3rd Street 
  • Garage 4 located at 201 W. 6th Street
  • Parking Lot 15 located at 201 W. 4th Street  
  • Parking Lot 7 located at 300 Jones Street 
  • Parking Lot 16 located at  400 E. 3rd Street 
  • Parking Lot 35 located at  500 E. Weatherford 
  • Parking Lot 9 located at 301 Grove Street 
  • Parking Lot 10 located at 301 Pecan Street
  • Parking Lot 31 located at 615 E. 4th Street