Time to make more Do-Nuts in DFW

A. Lee Graham


Shipley Do-Nuts has signed a development agreement with Adkins Development Corp. to accelerate expansion in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

Under the deal, Adkins must open at least 60 stores within 15 years. Phil Adkins., president of Adkins Development, has more than 18 years’ experience as a Shipley Do-Nuts franchise owner, and has served as a Shipley franchise developer in Austin and Waco.

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“We are looking forward to increasing our store footprint within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex,” said Ron Hankamer Jr., the company’s franchise director, commenting in a news release.

“We currently have 11 stores in DFW and we anticipate doubling that number in the next few years. Our partnership with Adkins will enable us to maintain a local office, meet more franchisee candidates, and expedite the site selection process,” Hankamer said.

Shipley Do-Nuts originated in Houston, where it maintains its offices and production facility.  The company operates almost 300 franchises in Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. 


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