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TOP 100 Edition


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Top 100 Innovation Award: Startup founder Edward Morgan leads the charge as electric vehicle revolution rolls on

Consumers and businesses continue to buy more electric vehicles, and Fort Worth startup Revitalize Charging Solutions sees an opportunity to keep them charged.

Revitalize Charging Solutions (RCS), a TechFW client, is a maker of electric vehicle charging equipment and is expanding into the direct-to-consumer market with founder and CEO Edward Morgan leading the charge. His creative entrepreneurship and business savvy earned Morgan and his company the Business Press’ 2021 Top 100 Innovation Award.

Clients include the City of Arlington, Hillwood, Cook Children’s, and Acre Distilling. The firm has more than 25 charging sites in the area with more on the way and recently received UL safety certification for its REV+Dual home electric vehicle charger. Manufacturing for retail sales is underway.

“This is a revolutionary home charger in so many ways,” Morgan says. “Most importantly, two electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously. REV-plus is capable of charging an electric vehicle up to eight times faster than the level one OEM charger that an EV driver receives when purchasing an electric vehicle.

“With the price of electric cars decreasing, you will start to see homes with two electric cars. The Rev+Dual Home Charger features a range of ways in which users can monitor and manage their EV charging experience.”

The charger has three communication options – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and an integrated web server. With the first two technologies, users interact with their chargers via a RCS mobile app, from which they can:

• Create and manage user profiles.

• Establish customized charging schedules.

• Start, stop and delay charge.

• Create and analyze charging and energy use reports.

• Set notifications.

• Get real time in charging stats.

• Get cost and amount of power used.

The REV+Dual Home Charger delivers a host of other user benefits, including the ability to schedule charging during off-peak hours, a scheduling flexibility that could translate to significant long-term cost savings.

RCS’ features and scheduling abilities also can make sure drivers never forget to charge the cars. For example, if a customer accidentally neglects to plug in his or her vehicle, RCS will send a reminder notification.

If anything should happen to the user’s phone, the same information can be accessed via any web browser.

Morgan says the company’s No. 1 goal is “to become a major EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) supplier around the world,” adding that other goals moving forward are “to continue to innovate state of the art equipment, such as a network of Fast Chargers, and continue to forge partnerships to install one of the most sophisticated charging networks to give drivers the confidence that they can get from Point A to Point B safely.”

The company was founded in 2013 and won backing from Cowtown Angels, among others.

“Edward exemplifies the entrepreneur-founder spirit,” says TechFW Executive Director Hayden Blackburn. “He’s been a TechFW client since 2014 and with fortitude and perseverance, he saw an opportunity, developed solutions, and is on the cusp of scaling an environmentally-friendly business.”


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