Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home “As-Is”

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Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home “As-Is”

The DFW market is HOT. Sellers can name their price or so you’ve been told by your friends and neighbors. It is true that a lack of inventory and tremendous population growth in DFW has resulted in an aggressive market where prices continue to rise with no end in sight. But does every home sell for a premium? Why do some homes fly off the market in a bidding war while others seem to sit for months waiting for a buyer to come along? Real Estate 101 tells us that location, schools, floor plan, finish-out and overall price point determine the desirability, and thus the “market value” of a property. But one variable seems to outweigh the others in determining which homes sell for the most money in the shortest amount of time: finish-out.

LEAGUE Real Estate Agent Christa Holbert, shares her personally tested renovation priority list in a post titled Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home “As-Is”.

You can view the post along with before and after photos of Christa’s project on LEAGUE Real Estate’s blog here: https://leaguere.com/why-you-shouldnt-sell-your-home-as-is/