Interim president named for Dallas West End Association

Tanya Ragan

The Dallas West End Association (WEA) is excited to announce that it has named entrepreneur and West End building owner Tanya Ragan as its Interim President. She will serve in that role until the Association’s annual meeting in December, when a new slate of officers will be elected. 

Ragan is President of Wildcat Management, which is one of the larger building stakeholders in the West End District. She is excited to take the neighborhood in a new direction with a focus on community (live, work and play). This collaborative and cohesive effort is being supported by all West End businesses and property owners.

Ragan has been a part of the Dallas business community for several years and has played an integral role in developing large real estate projects and properties all over the country. She recently completed a renovation of the historic Purse Building at 601 Elm Street in the West End, and has joined an ongoing effort to rejuvenate and revitalize the entire district. 

“I am so excited and honored to be taking on this important role. The past few weeks have been very exciting, and the district has already seen some incredible change, including doubling association membership in the last 60 days and implementing a new dedicated Public Safety Program. We have so much planned for the West End, and we will continue to grow and flourish together,” said Ragan.  

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As Interim President, her first official order of business was to hire a full time Executive Director. This is a first for the 40+ year-old organization. The Executive Director will play a key role in guiding the district into the new decade, working with Ragan and the Association’s Board or Directors, who will be unveiling a new marketing program that emphasizes the “Live like a local, Work like a local, Play like a local” community focus.  

The West End has seen major growth in the past few years, both in attracting new residents and companies officing in the historic buildings of the district. The WEA wants to continue this upward trend by supporting its businesses as they increase occupancy in office buildings and retail spaces by implementing new signage and branding, new lighting and safety cameras, an immersive safety plan, scheduling exciting events and pop ups, creating and expanding collaborative efforts with external business partners, and launching a new neighborhood maintenance plan. These organized efforts and initiatives are being supported neighborhood wide.

The West End Association is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. WEA is dedicated to the preservation and development of the historic district.