2020 40 Under 40 Spencer Albright

Spencer Albright Photo by Amber Shumake http://www.ambershumake.com/



How’s this for climbing the corporate ladder?

Started at MineralWare in 2017 in marketing, promoted to general manager in six months and to president after 18 months.

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“We are a leading technology solution for mineral and royalty owners in the space – one of only two,” said Ben Heinzelmann of MineralWare. “He has helped us transform from a true startup to a business that generates over $250,000 per month in recurring revenue.”

The company was founded in 2013.

“Spencer is professional and continues to find creative solutions to benefit MineralWare. He keeps long-term strategy in mind while making sure daily operations are run as efficient as possible,” said Clay Adams, also with MineralWare, one of several nominators.

“Spencer takes feedback from the entire company and implements ideas that employees ask for, creating an overall better workplace. He advises on the direction of our product and always keeps in the user’s experience first priority,” Adams said.

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Nominator Sam L. Katigan says Albright “continually excels not only in his analytical and operations skills, but also his interpersonal skills as he continually makes connections and grows his network.”

“We are involved with multiple philanthropies through our company including Hope Farm and Cristo Rey High School. Spencer spearheaded this involvement this year,” Heinzelmann said.

Albright earned both a bachelor of science degree and a master of business administration degree from TCU, graduating in 2015. He worked at Alcon for two years before joining MineralWare.

– Paul K. Harral

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Where did your first paycheck come from? The first time I remember earning money was working as a camp counselor, but I’ve had jobs all over that range from mowing lawns to photography. I have never been good at being idle and always had a job growing up.

What movie, TV series, play or video game influenced you growing up?

As a kid I was a big fan of the original Star Wars movies. Our family had a tradition that on Christmas Eve, a couple friends would come over and we would try to watch all three before the parents would make us go to sleep.

What other profession would you like to try? I have a fascination with history, I love learning and reading about past societies and civilizations and

Tell us about an influential person in your life, how they influenced you and why he or

she was important.

Growing up one of my biggest idols was one of my dad’s coworkers, James Mayfield. He taught me how to surf and he had such an influence in my life; from how well he loved his family, to how much he craved adventure, to how he pursued his faith. Nothing ever overwhelmed him. One perfect example was a time we went exploring the countryside a couple hours away from where we lived and got a flat tire.

We had been driving over sand dunes and sand had gotten in the carjack causing it to be useless. We hiked to a nearby forest several hours away and were able to knock over a tree which we used to prop up the car while he changed the tire. I learned so much ingenuity and creativity in problem solving from how he looked at life.

When did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up?

It’s hard to pin down an exact time, but I’ve always known I would work at a startup, I love the ever- changing pace and challenges that are unique to this type of business.

What is your favorite song?

Diamonds, Johnnyswim

Tell us about your photo shoot prop.

My prop is a suitcase. Having grown up in Indonesia, an appreciation for travel and world cultures has always been important to me. My wife and I travel as much as we can and love the experience of interacting with people whose background and life experiences are so different from our own.