2020 40 Under 40 Ty Williams

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Ty Williams deserves recognition because he has been so involved in the community and with making people’s lives better as well as being successful in real estate.

Williams has been involved for more than three years in developing and rolling out Trinity Habitat for Humanity’s H2 program, said his wife, Carmen, who nominated him. Williams is the exclusive listing broker for the program.

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“He and his agents have help Habitat raise money for people who really need a hand up. The funds that Ty has been able to raise with the sale of H2 homes has funded building properties for Trinity Habitat for Humanity traditional products,” Carmen Williams said.

The couple received the Habititus Award in 2018 for their enthusiasm and involvement in Habitat.

Williams says he is dyslexic and could not read or spell until he was 12 or 13 years old.

“Thanks to my mother for going back to get her second master’s degree from SMU to learn how to teach me to read and spell through my teenage years. As a kid I truly never believed I would learn to read or spell, but my mom did and no matter, what she was able to make the impossible possible because of her love and belief in me,” Williams said.

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– Paul K. Harral

What movie, TV series, play or video game influenced you growing up?

Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous. When I watched that show I knew that I would love selling real estate. I love architecture.

Tell us about an influential person in your life, how they influenced you and why he or

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she was important.

My dad. Ray J. Williams was 59 when I was born. I believe that for the short 18 years that I had my dad that I got a lifetime of business/people knowledge. Dad grew up in West Texas and was very poor until his late teens when he went to work for NBC Radio as a salesperson. He told me that he would park his truly junky car with rusted out floor pans around the block from any client or his office so they would not see it.

One day his boss told him that they had a very important client that they needed to go see and that they were taking Ray’s car. My dad told me that he believed he would be fired after that appointment because of how bad his car was. Turns out that appointment changed my dad’s life. His boss did have my dad drive, but his boss already knew about his car. The big appointment was taking my dad to a Plymouth car dealership and buying him a new car. He told my dad that he was great and was very valuable to NBC radio and that he did not want him to park around the block anymore.

My dad was an Army vet who served in World War II and ended up in Normandy eventually getting wounded and receiving a Purple Heart.

When did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up?

I always knew I wanted to be successful but 2010 is when I truly realized that real estate was where I needed to focus 100% of my efforts.

What is your favorite song?

My Way, by Frank Sinatra