5 Essentials to Build a Home Office

5 Essentials to Build a Home Office

(StatePoint) Want to maximize your productivity when working in your home office? Here are five essentials to build out the space:

• A Solid Chair: Don’t shortchange yourself with the wrong chair. It’s the basis of your comfort, which is critical for putting in the hours needed for success. Look for an ergonomic desk chair offering low-back support and the ability to adjust height, seatback and arms so you can customize it for your needs. Space-permitting, you may even add a small couch or armchair to use for inspiration breaks or as an auxiliary workstation for when using a laptop.

• A Convertible Desk: Standing desks are all the rage these days and with good reason. Studies show that it’s healthy to stand more and sit less. For a modest price, an add-on can be applied to your current desk that allows you to transition to standing as needed.

• Organizational Tools: Use tools and supplies needed to have all your ducks in a row when it comes time visit your accountant. Small business owners and freelancers can especially benefit from a printing calculator such as the Casio HR-100TMPlus, which is made to rest on a desk. This particular model has a big easy-to-read display and two-color printing. You’ll also want to have a stapler and filing cabinet handy so that after printing records, you can collate and file documents away in an organized fashion, keeping your surfaces and workspaces clutter-free.

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• The Right Lighting: Nothing beats natural light, so if it all possible, situate your desk near a window that offers ample sun. Harsh lighting can be de-motivating but task lighting is essential. Look for options that offer various brightness settings so you can adjust throughout the day.

• Data Protection: While a paper shredder and locking filing cabinet will protect potentially sensitive physical records, you’ll also want to invest in some electronic data protection. Many services offer lower rates to small businesses that include comprehensive protection services. While this can seem like a dubious expense, it is well worth the cost. Just be sure to research your options and stick with a reputable company for your cybersecurity needs.

Whether you’re starting a business from scratch or simply want to update your existing home office, selecting the tools and furniture will improve your workflow and help you stay better organized.

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