Acme on CEO

Lee Cullum (L) , Host of KERA TV’s CEO show visits the Acme plant in Denton, Texas with Acme President and CEO Dennis Knautz.


Acme Brick’s President and CEO Dennis Knautz was the focus of the monthly program CEO produced by North Texas PBS affiliate KERA. Knautz was interviewed for a half-hour by host Lee Cullum. The interview was also broadcast on KERA radio.

Host Cullum and Knautz discussed the changes at Acme and in the brick industry during his time with the company. Knautz joined Acme in 1982 and was named president and CEO in 2005. Much of the interview centered on how Acme Brick, under Knautz’s leadership, dealt with the worst U.S. housing recession in history. A portion of the program was filmed at Acme’s nearby Denton plant where host Cullum got an up-close look at the brick manufacturing and testing process.

The full interview can be viewed online on the KERA website