Actress shares tips to shine bright this holiday season

Actress shares tips to shine bright this holiday season

(BPT) – The holidays can challenge just about anyone to stick to healthy habits and keep up with the busy season. Despite her hectic schedule, actress, producer, entrepreneur and mother Sarah Michelle Gellar has learned how to juggle family and career all while maintaining her daily routine.

Gellar shares top tips and tried and true products that really work for maintaining her daily routine throughout the most festive — and busiest — time of year.

1. Keep skin glowing

Healthy skin is not just achieved through regular use of high-quality cleansers or makeup products, Gellar says, but is nurtured from the inside out. The harsh winter months can be tough on skin, especially when everyone is running around during the busy holiday season. Going in and out of cold outdoor air and dry, overheated indoor air can dehydrate your skin.

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“The key to healthy looking skin is a combination of using topical products and what I put in my body — I drink tons of water,” explains Gellar. “Most importantly, washing my face is a major step in keeping my skin fresh. Not only at night, but before and after flights and in between sets to let my face breathe and look fresher.”

2. Apply sunscreen daily, year-round

Sunscreen is not just for the beach anymore. Sun damage can happen at any time of year, even during the winter months, so Gellar recommends protecting your skin at all times to look your best.

“Not many people I know use sunscreen as a foundation for makeup, but I use a lightweight moisturizer that includes SPF for a foundation that will make your makeup dewy and flawless. Not just on sunny days,” Gellar insists, “but every day to keep my skin moist and glowing all year long.”

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3. Use products that really work

Gellar stresses the importance of finding — and sticking with — health and beauty products that get visible results, like Colgate Optic White Platinum High Impact Toothpaste, which deeply whitens for 4 shades visibly whiter teeth when used twice daily for 6 weeks. She says there’s nothing like a bright, white smile when greeting guests and socializing all throughout the holidays.

“I really don’t have time for products that don’t work, and the key for me is consistency. I have some products that I’ve been using for years, and one of them is my toothpaste — Colgate Optic White Platinum High Impact. It isn’t ordinary whitening toothpaste,” she continues. “It has hydrogen peroxide — a key ingredient that goes below the surface to deeply whiten teeth. I’ve been using it for years, and it is whitening that works. I love it!”

4. A healthy diet leads to a healthy lifestyle

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What you eat every day has a huge impact on your overall health, no matter how much or how little you’re able to exercise on a daily or weekly basis. She recommends eating the freshest food possible, because it provides both nutrition and great flavor, helping you avoid the temptation of too many holiday treats. And sticking to a healthier diet can help motivate you to work out more, too.

“I eat fresh, organic and local,” Gellar says. “While some may think this is an expensive lifestyle, there are ways to make fresh food at an affordable price. This truly is a passion of mine, which is why I started Foodstirs in 2015 to bring families together in the kitchen and start baking healthier. Fitness also plays a large role in keeping me on a healthy track. I don’t work out as much as I used to, but Pilates is still a passion of mine that I do from time to time.”

Following these four tips can help anyone look and feel their best, regardless of their busy schedule and the many demands of work and home. Enjoy the holidays and shine brightly by choosing the most effective products and following the healthiest practices you can for yourself and your family.