Arts Council of Fort Worth to participate in national economic study

The Arts Council of Fort Worth will participate in a national study that measures the impact of nonprofit art organizations to the economy.

The study, called Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 (AEP5), will analyze how arts spending affects state and local government revenue, local jobs and the income of local residents. Nonprofit arts organization Americans for the Arts will conduct the study, which will be the fifth study the organization has conducted in the past 20 years. About 300 participants around the U.S. will take part in the initiative.

Americans for the Arts will collect data throughout the year and release its findings in June 2017.

The Arts Council of Fort Worth plans to gather financial information from Fort Worth museums, theater companies, dance companies and other nonprofit art organizations. The council will also survey the attendees of arts events, asking how much money they spend on food, lodging and transportation among other items.

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The council had previously participated in the study in 2010. According to that study, Fort Worth generated $84 million in economic activity through nonprofit arts events and organizations. Nonprofit arts activity also supported 3,011 full-time equivalent jobs and generated $11.2 million in state and local government revenue.

Arts Council of Fort Worth