Bill Nye visits new Noah’s ark attraction he criticized

Attendees view the Noah's Ark replica during a VIP and media preview day at the Ark Encounter theme park in Williamstown, Kentucky, on July 5, 2016. CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Luke Sharrett)

WILLIAMSTOWN, Ky. (AP) — Bill Nye is touring a new Noah’s Ark attraction in Kentucky that he has called a danger to the nation’s science education.

Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham invited Nye, best known for his 1990s science TV show, to visit the Ark Encounter on Friday. The two became acquainted when they engaged in an online debate in 2014.

A statement from Answers in Genesis says Nye is touring the ark with his own film crew. The Christian group says the ark is part of its ministry that teaches Old Testament stories as true historical events.

After the 2014 debate, Nye said he hoped the ark would never be built, because it would “indoctrinate children into this extraordinary and outlandish, unscientific point of view.”

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The ark opened to the public Thursday.