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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Dallas Zoo to mist humans, soak elephants

DALLAS (AP) — The Dallas Zoo prepared for large crowds Tuesday during $1 admission day even as forecasters predicted triple-digit temperatures and issued a heat advisory.

Zoo spokeswoman Chelsey Norris said a typical summer weekday would attract 2,000 guests but said a Dallas Zoo dollar admission day in July drew more than 30,000 visitors, with temperatures in the 90s.

Norris advised visitors Tuesday to be prepared for hot weather by using sunscreen and drinking lots of water.

Misting tents were set up throughout the Dallas Zoo to provide visitors with another way to cool down.

Norris said zoo personnel closely monitor the animals and move them to cooler indoor areas as needed.

She said elephants would be soaked with water cannons and offered frozen ice treats.

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